Project Golden Bear involves the construction and operation of a 1,800 MW power plant in Mexicali, designed to produce 8,760 GWh/y of renewable, reactive electricity made with a zero carbon footprint. 


Fuel and electricity production capacity is available to qualified off-takers.

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Project Black Bear involves the construction and operation of a refinery in Mexicali designed to produce 1,400,000 MMBtu/d of biomethane and 493,000 Gpd of biodiesel and gasoline with zero carbon emissions -- for sale in California and Baja California.


In cooperation with the CFE, Project Chihuahua intends to capture and permanently eliminate approximately 20,000,000 tons of CO2 each year. The Carbon in the gas will be converted into 3,700,000 Gpd of gasoline and diesel and 8,700 GWh/y of renewable reactive electricity.


In Phase 1, Project Chihuahua involves the importation and sale of 3,000 Bpd of gasoline and diesel fuel. In Phase 2, the Company plans to build refinery capacity of 100,000 Bpd to expand its supply network to existing PEMEX station owners and or build its own new brand of retail gasoline stations across Mexico.

Most of the electricity will be exported to California with the remainder to be consumed via the CENACE open market.

Project Hermosillo involves the construction and operation of a 350 MW power plant designed to produce 3,045 GWh/year of emissions free, reactive electricity and a coal-to- liquid fuel conversion facility to produce 480,000 Gpd of diesel fuel, gasoline and jet fuel.



Project Libertad involves the development, construction, operation and ownership of a Power Plant in Puerto Libertad, Sonora with a base load capacity of 480 MW -- designed to produce 4,080 GWh/year of reactive, renewable electricity on a zero-emissions, carbon neutral basis.