We believe no other developer can deliver  100% green energy on an around-the-clock basis.

Because of our different paradigm, we believe we can create electricity less expensively than any of our solar competitors -- and in the case of natural gas -- at a price lower than that of the CFE itself.  

This price point allows us to offer our mix of clean and green electricity to utility companies at prices below their own internal costs of production.

Further, because of our ability to integrate energy storage into any of our solar energy projects, we can deliver demand power (KW) at the same discounted rate and green energy on a fixed-time-of-delivery basis.



Because of our ability to secure Aaa rated bonding protection covering the obligation of any of our qualified off-taker clients under the terms of our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), our PPAs do not require off-takers to make an investment or sign a mortgage or lien (as required by many other developers).

Further, because the CFE is also a party to each of our PPAs, obligated to deliver our electricity any where in Mexico, the client will always be connected to the national grid providing even further performance assurances.


100% GREEN 

Why Sonora Energy Group?

Investors and off-takers (clients) like the idea that our PPAs include  performance bond guarantees assuring that not only will the project be built on-time and on-budget, but that the power plant will deliver the electricity that the client needs and the investor expects.

Further, all of the equipment used in our projects -- gas and steam turbines, solar panels, single-axis tracking systems, energy storage, inverters, transformers, substations, etc. -- are delivered with long-term warranties from the manufacturers. 




Our rates are even lower than those "won" by CENACE in the Spring, 2016 energy auctions.

Energy rates in Mexico have been chaotic over the last ten years. The CFE's electricity rates charged to industrial and public sector users have increased and decreased wildly.  

Such chaotic fluctuations make planning to meet energy costs difficult


Sonora Energy Group can bring order to the chaos by charging off-takers either a flat, fixed rate, or an even lower initial rate with a predictable, scheduled annual or quarterly increase.


With control over approximately 9000 hectares of land with the highest solar irradiance in the entire Hemisphere -- that is immediately adjacent to existing CFE transmission 

infrastructure -- Sonora Energy Group companies have the immediate capacity to provide utility scale electricity and demand power  from 100% renewable sources to almost any off-taker in Mexico or throughout the Western Electricity Coordinating Council.


Sonora Energy Group's clean and renewable energy projects in Mexico are building a brighter future for its clients and shareholders. 

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